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Increase Retention And Student Outcomes While Decreasing Costs

Our Data Insights Engine Shows You The Exact Factors Causing Student Attrition And Poor Outcomes—And How To Fix It.

Deploy the Most Data-Driven Virtual Classroom in One Day

Perfect for K-12 or higher education virtual and blended learning, see classroom insights in real-time.

Get an LMS Powered by Predictive Modeling

All the Functionality of a Traditional LMS, With a Predictive Engine to Increase Engagement and Graduation Rates.

The Most Data-Driven Ecosystem of Applications for Education

Get better outcomes across every aspect of your school by being data-driven.

Data-Driven Educators Choose Teach Beacon

Data-Driven Educators Choose Teach Beacon

For K-12, Colleges, Universities, and Vocational Schools


Reach more students

Make an Easy Transition to Virtual and Blended Learning

Virtual learning can be a vital component to your overall teaching strategy, and it doesn’t have to be hard. Set up a virtual academy in one day.

Predictive engines improve everything

Get A Smarter LMS

Traditional Functionality

All the functionality you expect from a traditional LMS.

Predictive Functionality

See trends, get recommendations, and get alerts from the system on        students that need extra help, content that’s working or not working, and more.

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Be smarter

A Data Analytics Engine That Would Make Einstein Proud

Ask and get answers in real time, find insights you never knew existed, and say goodbye to spending hours trying to find the right data.

AI is moving fast. So can you.

Take Advantage of Cutting-Edge AI to Improve Student Outcomes

Easily Integrate AI Apps to your Systems

Our AI Apps seamlessly integrate into Teach Beacon, or your current systems.

New AI Added to Our Ecosystem Constantly

Take advantage of the best AI as the technology continues to improve.

Teach Beacon AI Apps

CEO Ryan Nokes Explaining the Power of Predictive Analytics for Schools

See an interview from Teach Beacon’s parent company Data Crunch

Start Using Teach Beacon for Free

Get a Tour

Get your questions answered and see how Teach Beacon works for your specific situation.

Get a Free Trial

Test drive the platform so you can see how it will help your school first hand.

Meet Our Awesome Team

We care about education and we’re super friendly. We can’t wait to chat!