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Easily Add 3D Printing
To Your Curriculum


A Fun and Easy Course to Introduce Your

Students to the Incredible World of 3D Printing

Not a 3D Printing Expert? No problem! 3D Printing For Kids is a course that anyone can teach.

How It Works


You get immediate access to our customizable curriculum.


We send you a brand-new 3D Printer (that is yours to keep!)


You receive your 3D Printer in 2 Days.


Your students have fun!

You Get Immediate Access To Our Customizable Curriculum.


We Send You A Brand-New 3D Printer (That Is Yours To Keep!)


You Receive Your 3D Printer In 2 Days.


Your Students Have Fun!

Benefits of This Course

Beginner Friendly

This course is designed for students ages 6-12 of all interests and experiences levels.

Fun & Engaging

Coursework supported by 3D Printers keep students engaged from the beginning step of designing the model to printing the final product.

Exercise Creativity

Bringing in engaging technology like 3D Printing allows students to be creative and experiment with new ideas.

Team Building

Teaches students the fundamental skills of working as a group towards a common goal.

Build A Strong Foundation For STEM Pathways

3D Printers are a great tool to teach students the basics of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

Promote Problem-Solving Skills

Students will learn persistence by troubleshooting and solving problems with their 3D Printer.

What Your Students Will Learn In This Course

  • An Introduction into the Exciting World of 3D Printing

  • The 3D Printing Process

  • How to Create Awesome Toys and Objects

  • Materials Used in 3D Printing

  • How to Slice Designs

  • How to Finalize and Bring Your Designs to Life!

3d printer boat

3D Printers Can Have An Amazing Impact on Your Students 

See an interview from Peoria Elementary.

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