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The Most AI Friendly Platform For Education Available

We are constantly adding new AI tools to the platform from our team and our partners.

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GPT-3 Chat Support

The most cutting edge conversational AI, our GPT-3 powered chat assistant understands intent and knows how to help. Use any of our AI personalities including Maverick, Sebastian, Carolina, and Theadosia to help your human support team.

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Lecture Transcription and Search

Transcribe all lectures and generate a powerful, searchable database of content on the fly. NLP algorithms pull out important concepts, key topics, and entities to allow easy retrieval of information.

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At-Risk Student Early Warning System

Powerful predictive models look through your data and connect the dots between hundreds of data points to find which students need help and how you can help them. Improve engagement and graduation rates by making the most pressing student needs visible.

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Predictive Campus Maintenance

Keep the HVAC, plumbing, cafeteria, and other critical campus systems always running. Become aware of problems before major issues arise. Monitor everything with our predictive IoT cloud.

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Learn from Aristotle

Augment your educational content with natural language teaching assistants. Students can ask to have concepts explained from famous educational and historical figures like Einstein, Aristotle, and Marie Curie.

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Smart Course Scheduling

Help students and counselors see several prospective course paths to achieve their major and minor goals. See courseload warnings, pre-requisite requirement alerts, and more. Automatically generate suggested course paths.

Stay on the cutting edge

Education Doesn’t Have to Be Behind the Technology Curve

Take advantage of the newest developments in AI technology to improve student engagement, experience, and outcomes. AI technology is moving fast, and we’re making sure our schools have access to the best AI has to offer on the cutting edge.

  • Tuned for K-12 and higher education
  • Give your school new capabilities
  • AI purpose-built for education
  • Ethically and responsibly built tools
  • Get up and running quickly

AI Built for Administrators, Teachers and Students


Integrates with Everything

SCORM complient, LTI integrations, and a modern, open API. Bring in all your LMS content for direct access.



We believe in using AI responsibly and ethically.



End-to-end encryption and industry best practices ensures student privacy is secure.


Automatic Analytics

Measure how your AI applications are improving your most important metrics.


Cutting Edge

We work with the most cutting edge AI and bring on the best partners so you’re never left behind.


Desktop or Mobile

The AI toolset works across desktop and mobile devices.

Test Drive the AI Toolset

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