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7 Important Ways Data Analytics Can Help Higher Education

Why Data Analytics Matter for Higher Education Higher education has never been more important. Nowadays, you need a college degree to get the job you want, and it’s necessary for

The 6 Most Important Things K-12 Data Analytics Can Tell You

Why Data Analytics Matter for K-12 There is a lot that goes on in K-12. Between all the classes, the scheduling, the teaching, the learning, the administrative operations, and even

Using Data to Guide Students to Successful Graduation and Careers Video Transcript Education is so meaningful and so impactful. The difference that it makes in somebody’s life is tremendous. Their ability to think, their ability to solve problems, their
Virtual Classroom

Seven Ways to Increase Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

Covid has been hard for everyone, and for K-12 it’s been especially difficult. Virtual and remote learning has been hard for teachers and students, but it’s here to stay as
Virtual Classroom

6 Benefits of Virtual Learning Environments

Virtual classrooms can be used by students in education systems at any stage of their life and with great results. Online classrooms can actually be very effective and are the

Educational Challenges During Covid—An Interview With the Middletown City School District in Ohio

What Started Your Journey as an Educator? Jessica: So thank you guys. If I didn’t already say thank you so much for joining our Teach Beacon podcast. This is with

Educational Challenges During Covid—An Interview With Superintendent Christine Ackerman from Chappaqua

Making Social and Emotional Education Paths a Priority Pre-Planning in Preparation for COVID [00:00:00] Jessica: [00:00:00] So with that being said and being cutting edge and being a school district