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Visual and Predictive Analytics to Optimize Every Part of Your School’s Operations

Finally make your data work for you instead of the other way around. Get insights, alerts, and forecasts.

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Dynamic Filters

Filter all your data and views with powerful filters to ask and answer questions on the fly.

Dynamic Filters

Filter all your data and views with powerful filters to ask and answer questions on the fly.

 Predict Graduation Rates and Risk

Track important metrics into the future with our powerful predictive algorithms.

 Role-Based Insights

Specific screens for executives, directors, teachers, counselors, and students open up data specific to their needs and help them take action.

Smart Schedule Planning

Predictive models coupled with your course catalog help students see the best path ahead almost instantly, and see and plan around potential pitfalls.

Customized Insights

Powerful machine learning algorithms run in the background and bring important alerts to your attention.

See Individual Students

Drill down to specific, line by line detail to troubleshoot inefficiencies or help specific students or teachers.

Recommended Actions

Take immediate action to deploy targeted interventions and help at-risk students.

 Performance Comparisons

Make content change or acquisition decisions with confidence, and make sure teachers and departments are performing at a high level.

 Time Trends

Compare performance over time to ensure interventions are working.


Quickly identify problem areas and areas of high performance. Model what works, and fix what’s broken.

Everyone deserves insights

Make Every Aspect of Your School More Efficient

There are a number of ways you could optimize school operations, if you could only see them. Now you can. Tie all of your school data together into the Teach Beacon brain to get answers from visual analytics and powerful predictive models.

  • Tuned for K-12 and higher education
  • No more spending hours tracking down data
  • Say goodbye to endless analysis hours
  • Do less work and take more action
  • Measure results and keep improving

CEO Ryan Nokes Explaining the Power of Predictive Analytics for Schools

See an interview from Teach Beacon’s parent company Data Crunch

Visual and Predictive Analytics Built for Executives, Directors, Teachers and Students


Integrates with Everything

Bring in any data source across your school to gain easy access to a 360° view of everything.


Ask Questions in Real Time

Get answers as you ask them instead of waiting days to gather the right data and sift through it.



End-to-end encryption and industry best practices ensures student privacy is secure.


Predictive Alerts

Get alerts for specific actions that need to be taken to improve outcomes.


No Downloads

All you need is an internet connection.


Role Based

Executives, directors, teachers, counselors, and students all get actionable insights for their specific workflows from your data.

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