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Teach Beacon vs Google for Education Comparison Case Study

The Four Pillars of Virtual Learning

A Holistic Approach to Education

Four Pillars of Virtual Learning

Why Teach Beacon Works

Bridging the Gap Between the Traditional and the Virtual Learning Environment

bridging the gap

G Suite for Education

Several disparate tools that educators must patch together to manage and assess the progress of learners.

G Suite Universe

Teach Beacon

One single system to get everything done, easily.

Teach Beacon Universe

Comparison of the 4 Pillars of Virtual Learning

How do Teach Beacon and G Suite for Education Stack Up?


Head-to-Head Comparison

Important features compared


Teach Beacon Compared to G Suite for Education

Teach Beacon reduces overhead

Comparison 2

Teach Beacon: One Goal, One System, Endless Potential


Compared to G Suite for Education, Teach Beacon is the clear winner in all categories. More importantly, Teachers get to Teach again, and students get to Learn again.

All Teach Beacon’s features are in one single interface. Students and teachers can easily find and access class lessons, videos, documents, face-to-face live sessions, feedback, assignments, and the list goes on. G Suite for education sends students and teachers on a wild goose chase searching for meeting invites, slides, quizzes, and documents from places like Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Meets, etc. Teachers and students need to play guessing games on where the creator stored these materials just to find them whereas Teach Beacon delivers pertinent content when needed all from one place.

Teach Beacon’s features are banded together. So, a teacher can have an on-demand lesson integrated with a live face-to-face session. Or, assign homework to be done prior to being able to join a live face-to-face session. With Teach Beacon the power is in the teacher’s hands.

Special COVID Pricing for K-12 Organizations

Virtual education is having a strain on many K-12 organizations, universities, and businesses.

Teach Beacon makes it significantly easier for everyone, and we don’t want price to be a barrier.