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Delivering Virtual Training Should be Seamless, Efficient, and Effective

Lose the headache of brittle integrations and manual workflows between systems. Get it all done with Teach Beacon.

How Teach Beacon Makes Virtual Training Easier, in Exactly Ten Minutes:

Use Teach Beacon for Free While We’re in Beta. 

Along the way, give us feedback and help create the best virtual training platform on the planet.

How Teach Beacon Works

Fully Featured Virtual Classroom

  • Breakout rooms
  • Recording
  • Public and private chat
  • Upload documents and presentations
  • Stream videos
  • Whiteboarding
  • LMS and course material access
Virtual Meetings Custom

Built-In Content Authoring and Management 

  • Keep classes, materials, and outcomes organized
  • On-demand, live, and blended courses
  • Manage all course content, build from templates
  • Shared document repository

Built-in Student Collaboration and Engagement

  • Single or group messaging
  • Message alerts
  • Multiple discussion streams
  • Rich text editing
Collaboration Tool Like Slack or Teams
coordinate calendars

1:1 Coaching and Tutoring

  • Teachers set their office hours
  • Students schedule help sessions
  • Identify students who may need additional help

Instant Reporting and Gradebook

  • Class reporting and grade book
  • Teacher analytics
  • Course and student outcome reporting
  • Administrative analytics
All Reporting is Automatically Generated
browser based

100% Browser-Based

  • No need to download an application
  • Easy to learn—all tools work directly in the browser

Secure End to End Encryption

  • Built with security from the ground up
  • End-to-end modern-day encryption standards
  • Role-level permissions
  • User-level permissions
secure lock
Teach Beacon Venn Diagram Square

Everything Built Into One, Easy to Use Platform

  • No need to manage several tools
  • Everything is integrated and at your fingertips
  • Smooth user experience
  • All data lives in the same system

Integrates With Other Systems

  • Integrate with your CRM
  • Integrate with other LMS systems (SCORM compliant)
  • RESTful API
salesforce logo

The Hidden Complexities of Virtual Training

  • From our own experience training at Fortune 500 companies, and after several in-depth conversations with other professional training companies, we’ve mapped out all the workflows that need to happen in order to deliver live, virtual training effectively.
  • There are a surprising number of pieces, and a surprising number of places where inefficiency creeps in you may not even be thinking about, especially since the move to virtual training has been so fast and sudden for so many of us.
  • That’s because getting all of this done is very manual and requires a host of different tools. As an example, Zoom, a popular tool used by many people now to do virtual training, does the following one pieces
  • Here is a look at all of the disparate tools companies are using to get this process done.
virtual training flowchart

The Process of Virtual Training Currently Requires a Plethora of Tools

Teach Beacon flowchart gif 1 and a half seconds
Too Many Tools to Use
ROI calc time savings assumptions

Virtual Training is Currently Grossly Inefficient

When we calculated all the hours spent doing training in the current way most companies are doing it against a new way using an integrated, all-in-one virtual training platform, the numbers are staggering.

Massive Savings Are Found by Simply Combining All Virtual Training Activities into One Integrated Platform

Using a calculator based on the above information, we can estimate that savings for having all these tools in one platform for someone running 100 small classes and 5 large classes per month would be between $280k and $1.5M

ROI calc time savings Results Money

Even Better, an Integrated Platform Will Increase Sales

Sales Process Old and New Flow

Sales Lift

Now, think about having a meeting where you can show everything all at once: The training platform, the course curriculum, the labs, the evals, the analytics they’ll receive

What do you think that could do to your sales?  Who of your competitors has a sales approach like that? Could this make you stand out and give you the edge?  What kind of resulting increase in sales might that give you?

Given the assumptions in the calculator, we can see a lift of 3%-15% for a company of $10M annual revenue shown to the right.

ROI calc extra sales Assumptions
ROI calc extra sales Results

The Reality is, You Can Make Virtual Training 15% More Profitable and 100% More Efficient in Under 30 Days

But most organizations aren’t doing this yet, because COVID-19 accelerated change so rapidly that no one was prepared.  And to do this currently, it requires a plethora of tools.  There wasn’t a single all-in-one platform that did this for you.

Until now.

We are the only software absolutely dedicated to helping professional training organizations seamlessly deliver efficient and exceptional live training to their clients, on one integrated platform.

The Teach Beacon Story

We’ve felt this same pain. We were built out of a technical data science training company, Data Crunch.

Data Crunch works with Fortune 1000 companies to deliver training. And when COVID-19 hit, we needed a solution to give our clients the best virtual training experience possible.

Data Crunch Logo
logos 1
logos 2
  • We searched for a platform that would make the process smooth and seamless but couldn’t find anything that got the job done well, and neither could our partners. 
  • So we built it ourselves. By a training organization for training organizations.
  • We combined everything we needed to get training done on one, seamless platform. And when we started asking our partners if they’d like to have a look, the feedback was instantly positive.
  • So we decided to take the platform out to the market — to professional training companies, associations looking to keep people up on continuing education credits, and to public and private elementary, secondary and higher education. 
  • This single platform solution meets all of the use cases, and we can deliver it at the fraction of the cost because we built it from the ground up with modern technology for the exact use of live, virtual training in mind.
Final meeting image

The Teach Beacon Family

How to Achieve Higher Efficiency and Profitability with Virtual Training in Four Steps

(1) Pre-Class Preparation:

Bringing all the functions you need to pre-class work into one integrated platform saves an enormous amount of time, avoids errors, and makes more sales.

pre class preparation

Old Way:

Coordinate all pre-class activities using a variety of tools:

  • Technical calls to review the course description and outline with the instructor via meeting tools like Zoom
  • Class details via email 
  • Calendar via Outlook or Calendly 
  • Course materials via email or file sharing (Dropbox, Box, FTP, etc.)
  • Class rosters via email
  • Pre-class work via email and file-sharing tools

New Way:

Coordinate everyone on one, integrated platform. 

  • Meet on the platform
  • Coordinate calendars on the platform
  • Schedule on the platform 
  • Maintain documents and course content on the platform
  • Monitor pre-class work on the platform
  • Report on how the process is going from the platform.

Old Result:

  • This process is manual, messy, and requires you to hire staff just to manage it. 
  • It’s time-intensive and error-prone. 
  • It takes longer than it should, things get missed, and the client experience is poor.

New Result:

All the processes and data are streamlined to get this done efficiently, in less time, with less errors. You don’t need additional staff to manage the process anymore. You can also make more sales because the client has a better experience and gets a feel for the platform on sales calls.

(2) Class Delivery:

Bringing all these disparate processes into one dedicated platform simplifies everything from live instruction to reporting, saving time, headache, tool bloat, and creating a better, seamless experience for students, teachers, admins, and clients.

Class Delivery

Old Way:

Deliver the course, facilitate collaboration, run assessments, and then create reporting and analytics using a variety of tools and manual processes and headcount to do it. Tools can include:

  • Virtual meeting tool like Zoom, Webex, etc.
  • Collaboration tools like Slack or Teams
  • Knowledge repository and sharing tools, like SharePoint or intranets
  • File storage and sharing tools, like Dropbox or Google Drive or Box
  • Quizzes and polls and evaluations, with tools like Survey Money, Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, etc.
  • Video sharing like Loom
  • Scheduling tools like Calendly for office hours or 1:1 coaching/tutoring
  • LMS systems for student histories, certificates, etc.
  • Reporting and Analytics, like Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, PPT, etc. (This often requires additional headcount to get right and process the data)

New Way:

Everything lives in one platform and is all handled seamlessly.

Also connects with existing tools in an organization, like a legacy LMS, SharePoint, etc.

Each of the tools are also custom-built for training, so they are fully featured for that specific purpose

Old Result:

  • This process is manual, messy, and requires you to hire staff just to manage it. 
  • It’s time-intensive and error-prone. 
  • It takes longer than it should, things get missed, and the client experience is poor.

New Result:

All the processes and data are streamlined to get this done efficiently, in less time, with less errors. You don’t need additional staff to manage the process anymore. You can also make more sales because the client has a better experience and gets a feel for the platform on sales calls.

(3) Post Class Activities:

Having everything in one platform greatly simplifies the process of wrapping up a class, doing long term follow-ups, and ensuring everyone has access to the reports they need. It saves you time, headcount, and headache.


Post Class Activities

Old Way:

  • Administer end of course evals with an online form system (Google Forms, etc.)
  • Deliver course certificates via an LMS or email
  • Report on student outcomes by manually assembling data from multiple sources and ensure they get sent to the right people (email, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Follow up with students after the class is over with short assessments, tests, and review material to ensure learning sticks

New Way:

  • End of course evals are given and tracked in one platform
  • Certificates get logged in the same platform as the training
  • Reporting is automatically generated in the same platform
  • Student follow-ups are scheduled and tracked in the same platform

Old Result:

  • End of course evaluation participation is typically low and it’s time-intensive to follow up.
  • Course certificates get lost and forgotten about.
  • Reporting takes a long time, is error-prone, and you usually need additional headcount to get this done. Reporting also usually doesn’t offer a ton of insight for the client, because the data is so hard to get to in the first place. 
  • Long term follow-up usually doesn’t happen (i.e. selling more advanced training on the skill originally trained), or requires paying for an additional system (CRM, email, etc.) or headcount to manage this process.

New Result:

  • End of course evaluations are easier to administer and follow up on, so you get higher participation
  • Course certificates and CPE credits are managed automatically within the platform
  • Reporting is automated and built by trained data scientists for insight
  • Integrates with CRM and other systems and automatically recommends the next course, follow sequences can be customized based on student needs and class outcomes

(4) Sales Process:

Integrating the sales process into an all-in-one virtual training platform increases conversion rates and new deals and decreases sales cycles.


Old Way:

Any of the following might apply in the typical marketing and sales process:

  • Rely on “new courses offered” emails to past clients in a manual fashion
  • Minimal intelligence about prior classes, student performance, client needs, in upselling or cross selling additional courses
  • No automated, personalized email sequences
  • Schedule a webinar on a webinar and/or event platform (Zoom, Webex, Eventbrite, etc.), give the initial presentation, and then transfer anyone who is interested into the virtual training class process manually
  • Meet with clients over a tool like Zoom, instead of an all-in-one platform

New Way:

Using an all-in-one platform

  • Class recommendation and student/client history and performance is easily accessible and on hand for upselling and cross-selling efforts
  • Use an all in one platform to deliver a promotional webinar (with sponsors), and immediately enroll people into a course, without them ever having to leave the platform
  • Clients have a robust portal and have a great experience, so they know whatever course they buy from you in the future, they’ll have the same great experience and ease of execution
  • Network effects: The more classes client’s run on the system, the more valuable it becomes to them
  • Manage and optimize your teaching operations from the data available from the platform

Old Result:

Sales process is suboptimal, money is being left on the table, and it’s harder to identify needs and entry points for additional classes with current accounts.

New Result:

  • Increase conversion rates of promotional webinars, by scheduling right there.
  • Take advantage of sales opportunities you wouldn’t have seen otherwise, as sales reps can have more intelligent discussions with clients about classes based on the suggested courses they are seeing in the system
  • Client conversion rate goes up because they are already in the system and can see reporting and engagement levels through their portal. Buying a new course is frictionless from a platform and process perspective, and buying from you on the same platform makes it easy for them
  • Optimize teacher performance, student performance, class selection, etc.

The Hard Way to Follow the Process: Integrate Everything Yourself

  • Hire a developer to cobble together your favorite tools in a way that shares data and allows you to use them seamlessly.
    • This will take a long time to find and vet the tools you want, and integrations are typically more difficult than people think. Also, as APIs and systems update, integrations break, so the system would need constant maintenance.
  • Hire a developer team to build a platform that has all this functionality built-in.
    • Developers are expensive, and ones that really understand the training space are even harder to find. You also need the talent to run a development team efficiently to produce a product that is secure, fault-tolerant, robust, fully featured, easy to use, and supported.

The Easy Way: Use Teach Beacon

Teach Beacon Venn Diagram Square
  • We built it so you don’t have to.

  • Simple, economical pricing.

  • Get up and running in one day.

Who is Teach Beacon For?

Again, this platform is for anyone trying to teach something virtually

  • Professional training organizations
  • Learning and development departments in large companies
  • Associations offering continuing education credits
  • Management consulting and training firms
  • Individual coaches, teachers, and educators
  • Workforce development boards trying to upskill their constituents
  • Elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Higher education

Benefits of Using Teach Beacon

  • You can get up and running quickly without complication or headache
  • You can get rid of a significant number of the subscriptions to disparate tools you are currently using to deliver virtual training (and even do internal virtual meetings)
  • Teachers can be onboarded quickly, and classrooms set up from templates
  • Your teachers will be able to focus on teaching instead of managing tools and materials.
  • Your students will be able to focus on learning instead of trying to manage materials, different platforms, and trying to figure out where to go and what to do.
  • You won’t have to worry about students getting permissions to download an application on their computer
  • You’ll be able to seamlessly combine virtual live and on-demand content
  • You will have significant insights from all the data, since it’s all in one platform, and this data can be opened up to teachers and clients on a need-to-know basis with security and permissions. You’ll be able to see
    • Student lesson progress
    • Student participation (attendance and talk time) in virtual teaching sessions
    • Student grade book (quiz scores, test scores, overall performance)
    • Teacher evaluations and rating
    • Teacher performance in virtual lessons
    • Upcoming and completed classes
  • You will save a significant amount of management and operational time because everything is on one platform.
  • You will have great support from our team to fix small bugs and build features while we’re still in beta mode.
  • You will be able to make more sales
  • And much more

Teach Beacon Features

(1) Pre-Class Preparation Features

Meet Virtually on the Platform with Potential Clients

  • Show the client the actual experience students and teachers will have
  • Discuss course content and materials directly in the platform
  • Show all class offerings within the platform
meet on the platform with clients

Coordinate Calendars and Schedule Sessions and Deadlines

  • Easily schedule live sessions
  • Set deadlines and dates for on-demand content
  • Sync with student calendars
coordinate calendars

Maintain Documents and Course Content

  • Full course content management system
  • Course templates
  • Materials instantly and always available to students
Maintain documents

Monitor Pre-Class Work

  • Pre work so you can gauge skill level of the class before class starts
  • Follow up if students haven’t done the pre-class work
  • Lock out students from the class if they don’t do pre-class work
monitor pre class

Report on Pre-Class Work and Take Action

  • Ensure students are prepared for class
  • Lock out students from certain content if they don’t complete pre-class work
  • Send alerts and reminders to students to complete their work before class starts
Report on Pre-Class Work

(2) Class Delivery Features

Virtual Meetings Custom Built for Training

  • Breakout rooms
  • 100% browser based
  • End-to-end encryption and compliant with modern security standards
  • Recording
  • Public and private chat
  • Participant controls
  • Polls
  • Upload documents and presentations
  • Share videos
  • Whiteboarding
  • Screen sharing
  • Microphone and camera testing
  • Access to all course content and materials within the meeting
  • Closed captions
Virtual Meetings Custom

Easy Breakout Room Setup Interface

  • Drag and drop
  • Duration countdown timer
  • Eight breakout rooms possible
Easy Breakout Room Setup

Robust Playback UI of Recorded Meetings

  • View recordings directly from the browser
  • Easy navigation pane to find relevant points in the video
  • View the whiteboard/sharing space
  • View video alongside
Robust Playback UI of Recorded Meetings

Collaboration Tool Like Slack or Teams

  • Single our group messaging
  • Message alerts
  • Multiple discussions streams
  • Share attachments
  • Share images
  • Rich text editing
Collaboration Tool Like Slack or Teams

Knowledge Repository and Document Sharing

  • Students and teachers can upload files to a shared repository
  • Actively collaborate on csv, html, and css documents
  • Leave comments and commentary on documents
Knowledge Repository and Document Sharing

Quizzes and Surveys

  • Rich formatting for quizzes
  • A myriad of question types and formats
  • Set quiz prerequisites
  • Set passing score
  • Quiz certificates
  • Restrict retakes
  • Question completion settings
  • Time limit
  • Display options
  • Options for displaying hints
  • Options for quiz recap, what they got wrong and why, and score display
Quiz Example

Course Evaluations

  • Easily accessible from the LMS and live video sessions
  • See further examples below
Evaluation Example

(3) Post-Class Features

Class Reporting, Analytics, and Gradebook in Real-Time

class reporting analytics

All Reporting is Automatically Generated

All Reporting is Automatically Generated

End of Course Evals are Given and Tracked in One Platform

End of course evals
End of course evals 2

Student Follow-Ups Are Scheduled and Tracked

student followups are scheduled and tracked
student followups are scheduled and tracked 2

(4) Sales Process Features

Promotional Webinars

  • Allow non-registered users to sign up for an instructional or promotional webinar
  • Allow sponsors
  • Upsell attendees to enrollment in the course directly from the webinar without ever leaving the system
Final meeting image

Class Recommendations and Student/Client History

class recommendations and student client history

Admin/Client Portal – Upcoming Courses

admin client portal

Admin/Client Portal – Popular Courses

admin portal popular courses

Admin/Client Portal – Course Sales Growth

admin portal course sales growth

Admin/Client Portal – Instructor Compared Performance

admin portal instructor compared performance

Admin/Client Portal – Individual Instructor Analytics

admin portal individual instructor analytics

CRM Integrations

  • We can integrate with Salesforce
  • We can integrate with any other CRM or system with a well documented API
salesforce logo

100% Browser Based

  • No need to download any applications
  • Easy to learn–all tools work directly in the browser
browser based

Apply For Our Limited Beta User Program

We are currently in active beta and taking on our first few beta customers. In beta, you’ll not only be able to use the tool at a reduced price, but the Teach Beacon team will also be working very closely with you to offer live support and ensure a smooth ride. Along the way, we’ll be looking to you for your feedback on what we need to fix and improve, so you can also help shape the platform to fit your needs.

all the features

Frequently Asked Questions