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Getting Started with Teach Beacon is Easy And some might even say, fun!

1. Teach Beacon Replaces Systems You Don’t Like

Teach Beacon optimizes the entire student life cycle and does A LOT of things. It’s a university grade LMS with virtual classrooms, social collaboration, tutoring, academic planning, and more.

So aside from it’s real time data gathering and prediction capabilities, it can replace a lot of your other systems with day in and day out functionality.

Save some money, get a better, cohesive experience!


2. Teach Beacon Integrates With Everything Else

We can integrate with almost anything and bring it all together.

Bringing your data and workflows in and of itself provides a tremendous amount of efficiency and value, even over and above the new predictive abilities you will get from Teach Beacon.


3. Teach Beacon Optimizes Everything with Analytics and Predictive Modeling

We collect hundreds of data points to help you predict: 

  • Who is at risk of not persisting year to year? 
  • Who is at risk of not graduating? 
  • Who is having financial difficulties and at risk of nonpayment? 
  • Which interventions are most likely to help students achieve success?  
  • How successful were those interventions on persistence and graduation rates? 
  • What’s the projected number of students who will not graduate this year or over the next few years? 
  • What’s the expected financial impact of non-graduation? 
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Frequently Asked Questions