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Fully Integrated Content Immediately Available Live and Offline, with a Beautiful Authoring Experience

Stop wasting time managing content, downloads, student materials, and presentations.

predicitve LMS video

Predictive Algorithms

Get alerts on at-risk students and interventions that can help them re-engage and graduate.


Track and measure participation, attendance, logins, grades, engagement, content, teacher performance, and more.

Home Screen Engagement Pointers

Help students jump back in to  scheduled classes, unfinished work, forum questions, homework on deadline, and more.

Easy Certificate Creator

Create certificates easily for courses, quizzes, and tests.

Easy Content Navigation

Intuitive access to classes, modules, cohort groups, quizzes, and more.

Drag and Drop Content Creator

Easily create content, lessons, quizzes, tests, materials, and final exams with the drag and drop editor.

 Import Content Easily

Our modern API and compliance with SCORM, LTI, and other common standards allow easy import and access to your other systems.

Easy Navigation to Deep Functionality

Easily access the virtual classroom, course content, recordings, document repositories, forums, messaging, and teacher tools, all organized by student group.

Activity Feed

Stay on top of all activity in a class and across the system.

Reinforced Learning

Fine-tuned control of quiz presentation, review, and retake experiences.

Multimedia Modalities

Add images, audio, text, tables, formulas, and video with fine-grained watch controls and measurement.

Save Time and Trouble

Manage Content More Intelligently Across Virtual and Offline Environments

Many instructors have to deal with managing all their course materials, student downloads, and presentations across many different systems. No more. Teach Beacon manages it all for you effortlessly, so it’s at your fingertips no matter what environment you’re teaching in.

  • Upload materials once, have them available everywhere
  • Easy to use for students and teachers
  • No more searching for presentations before a virtual class
  • Integrates easily with any system
  • Students easily locate and find their materials

CEO Ryan Nokes Explaining the Power of Predictive Analytics for Schools

See an interview from Teach Beacon’s parent company Data Crunch

Content Management Built for Teachers, Students, Facilitators, and Administrators


Integrates with Everything

SCORM complient, LTI integrations, and a modern, open API. Bring in content from your current LMS or content provider.


Full Teacher Control

Set up and control your content, curriculum, and classrooms to promote engagement and avoid distraction.



End-to-end encryption and industry best practices ensures student privacy is secure.


Automatic Analytics

Measure attendance, participation, and engagement without lifting a finger. Get alerts and interventions for at-risk students.


No Downloads

If you can connect to the internet, you can use the LMS.


Desktop or Mobile

Learn from any device.

Test Drive Integrated Content Management

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Test drive the platform so you can see how it will help your school first hand.

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