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Deploy the Most Data-Driven Virtual Classroom in One Day

Perfect for K-12 or higher education virtual and blended learning, see classroom insights in real-time.

Virtual Classroom Video

Public and Private Chat

Public or private message to stay on top of your class, logs are kept of messages.

Breakout Rooms

Group students into smaller groups for dynamic learning.


Capture attendance, participation time, and engagement in every class, automatically.

Extra Teacher Features

Dynamic polls, presentation management and access, sharing external videos, and selecting a random user for questions.

Video/Audio Controls

Easily access your video and microphone.


Upload presentations once and have easy access.


Keep recordings organized with classroom materials with a web-based, interactive player.

100% Web Based

No need to download or update applications.

Bandwidth Optimizer

Make sure every student gets the most out of their internet connection.


Interactive whiteboard controls to teach and learn on the fly.

LMS Access

Seamlessly allow students to access outlines, materials, quizzes, and more within the virtual classroom.

Raise Hand

A hand raise queue lets you see which student raised their hand first, so you can work through students in order.

Make virtual instruction simple

Use the Easiest and Most Effective Virtual Classroom

Whether you need to reach your students virtually for health reasons, special needs, or are trying to future-proof your school as the online education trend continues, Teach Beacon makes it quick and easy to deliver an engaging experience for teachers and students.

  • Tuned for K-12 and higher education
  • No more broken integrations with 3rd party meeting tools
  • Purpose built for classroom engagement
  • Works seamlessly for blended learning
  • Get up and running in one day

A Modern Virtual Classroom Built for Teachers and Students


Integrates with Everything

SCORM complient, LTI integrations, and a modern, open API. Bring in all your LMS content for direct access.


Full Teacher Control

Set up and control your learning environment to promote engagement and avoid distraction.



End-to-end encryption and industry best practices ensures student privacy is secure.


Automatic Analytics

Measure attendance, participation, and engagment without lifting a finger.


No Downloads

If you can connect to the internet, you can use the virtual classroom.


Desktop or Mobile

Learn from any device.

Test Drive the Virtual Classroom

Get a Tour

Get your questions answered and see how Teach Beacon works for your specific situation.

Get a Free Trial

Test drive the platform so you can see how it will help your school first hand.

Meet Our Awesome Team

We care about education and we’re super friendly. We can’t wait to chat!

Future-Proof Your School With The Teach Beacon Product Suite